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Welcome! – A First Note from Osna.

Hey ho!!

First impression of Osna – just great!! The people are extremely friendly, the volleyball team is great fun and my colleagues at university are very far-sighted and cooperative. I really had a blast of a start up here!

For those of you who don’t know where Osnabrück is by now – it’s here ;-)

Quick recap of the first 1.5 months:
  • 3 publications submitted
  • 1 book submitted for publication (my PhD thesis)
  • 2 project proposals submitted
  • 3 funded Master Theses acquired
  • Volleyball Cup tournament near Hannover: not so good ;-)
  • Volleyball league: good (leader in the Lower Saxony division after two victories)
  • Hamburg visit: check!
  • First Salzburg visit: check!
  • The start into the nightlife was quite “successful”

Also, I uploaded some images. The albums are not linked anymore on the web site, but you know how to find them ;-)