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Visiting Fellow Appointment at Harvard University

In April 2013, I’ve been appointed Visiting Fellow at Harvard University’s Center for Geographical Analysis (CGA). CGA is a member organisation of the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS). It has been founded as a cross-cutting center throughout multiple disciplines including public health, urban design, environmental sciences, computer science and engineering. CGA’s goal is to establish GIScience as a connective element between those disciplines as well in reseach as in teaching.

My goals here at CGA are basically twofold:
1.) to develop and teach GIScience related courses. This includes the identification of topics relevant to the labour market and designing courses accordingly. These courses will be offered in the well-established executive training and additionally as online courses for distance-learning degrees.
2.) to establish a broader research collaboration with other disciplines. A particular focus will be on the connection with the Harvard EECS and Public Health departments and an institutional cooperation with the MIT (the SENSEable City Lab and the City Design and Development group).

I’m extremely excited about being part of this seminal development and I’m looking forward to collaborating with a wide variety of research groups within Harvard. I’m convinced that we can lay the foundation for a strong GIScience unit in Harvard that is of great importance to other fields of research and education.

Thanks for having me here!